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by posted 01/19/2020


i know the boys were not happy today with our only loss, but I told them to not forget that they won every other game and finished in first place for the season.   I don't want them to be down on themselves as we head into the playoffs. 

Friday is not a game, even though that is what is on the schedule  it is a practice. It will be our last practice, as playoffs start on Saturday. I want to go over a few things we need for the playoffs, and then we will have a fun practice. 

Since we finished #1, we will have a bye on Saturday, and play the winner of 4v5 on Sunday @ 3. See below. I don't know when the champ game is. 

Seeds 4 and 5 will play each other at 12-1 Saturday 1-25
Seeds 3 and 6 will play at 5-6 Saturday 1-25
Sunday 1-26 
#1 seed plays winner of seeds 4 and 5 at 3-4
#2 seed plays winner of seeds 3 and 6 at 4-5

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