Penn Trafford Basketball Association



5th - 6th GRADE






1-1       Most games will be played at the Penn Middle School Gym. Some may be held at Trafford Middle School Main Gym or Community United Methodist Church. Practices will also be held at these facilities as well as Trafford Middle Aux. and Community United Methodist Church. No food or drink is allowed in the gyms, either by players on the bench or families sitting in the bleachers. (Or other designated seating areas). Water bottles should be kept in the hallways at TM/TMA, just inside the main doors at PM and in the back hallway at PMA. Parents are responsible for maintaining control of any siblings in attendance.


1-2       Practice and game schedules will be provided to each team. The number of practices and games will be based upon available gym time to PTBA. Since gym time is limited, coaches and players should make every reasonable effort to attend as scheduled. If a coach can not use his/her scheduled time, it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements to switch with another team. If this does not solve the problem, coaches MUST contact his/her Coordinator. Cancellations of practices/games will not be rescheduled. School closings due to inclement weather will automatically result in

cancellation of that day’s practice/games. The Coordinator will notify coaches about Saturday and Sunday cancellations due to weather.


1-3       All games will start on the hour. Coaches should have his/her team arrive 15 minutes before game time. Players, coaches, family members, etc must stay off of the court while the previous game is in progress. All teams should vacate the court IMMEDIATELY after the conclusion of their game to allow the next teams to warm-up.


1-4       Coaches who are scheduled for the first game of the day must obtain keys and open the gym according to established league procedures. Coaches who are scheduled for the last game of the evening are responsible for closing up the gym. This includes pushing in all bleachers, turning off the scoreboard, putting the clock back into the storage room and turning off the lights. All doors must be closed tightly and locked. See Gym Opening/Closing Procedures if you have questions.


1-5       No jewelry (earrings, chains, bracelets, etc) are allowed to be worn by a player during practices or games. Medical bracelets or medals must be taped down. Safety glasses are recommended, but are not mandatory. Any eye glasses MUST be secured by a strap in order to participate in practices or games.


1-6       Coaches must immediately report any signs of vandalism, equipment damage or school/gym damage to their Coordinator.


1-7       Each team is responsible for providing a parent to run the scoreboard clock (home team) and keep the scorebook (visiting team). Only the player’s numbers, team score and player fouls need to be noted in the scorebook. If you are the first game scheduled, the scoreboard control and scorebook will be in the ticket room at PM or the basketball room at TM. You must have a key to access those rooms. Otherwise, the scorebook will be located at the scorer’s table (or in the ticket room in the main gym) and should be filled out prior to the start of the game.


1-8  Scores are kept during each game and the outcome will be noted. Records and scores are kept during the season in order to pair teams fairly in the playoffs. An age level tournament/playoff will be held at the end of the season. The format of the tourney will be determined by the League Director, based on available gym time and other factors.


1-9       Game officiating will be conducted by the Westmoreland and Pittsburgh Chapter of referees. The refs will have received guidelines for how the games are to be called. An assistant coach will be called upon to officiate a game if needed. If a coach is needed to officiate a game, he/she will give up his/her coaching duties for that game and make every effort to call the game fairly. Coaches and parents must remember that this is a recreational basketball program and should respect the performance of the referees as they would respect the performance of their own children. Coaches are responsible for the actions and behavior of their assistants. ANY COACH, PLAYER, PARENT OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBER THAT REPROACHES A REFEREE, PLAYER OR COACH, VERBALLY OR PHYSICALLY WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE GYM BY SECURITY. ALL INCIDENTS WILL RESULT IN REVIEW AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION FROM THE PTBA BOARD.





2-1  All coaches and assistants are required to complete a Background Check Form. No one is permitted to be on the floor with the players during practices and/or games unless they have completed the Form.


2-2  A maximum of 2 coaches per bench will be allowed during the games.


2-3  During games, coaches will not be permitted to walk onto the playing court…..they must remain on the bench.


2-4  Coaches MUST provide equal playing time for all players. NO one player will play the entire game, unless a team has only 5 players. If a team has 6 to 10 players, each player must play equally. A coach may limit playing time for a player for disciplinary reasons at his discretion or at a parent’s request. If a coach sits a player for disciplinary reasons (due to conduct, NOT basketball related mistakes), he/she must notify the parents (if it was the coach’s decision) and the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.          Note: Attendance shall not be considered for disciplinary action.


2-5       A log or rotation schedule must be kept for all games to ensure EQUAL playing time for all players. A board member, coordinator or the opposing coach can request to see this log after a game has been played. If a log is not submitted upon request, the game in question will be forfeited to the opposing team. The age group coordinator must be notified immediately after the request was made. Logs only need to be kept until both coaches have vacated the gyms unless an issue arises. THIS RULE PERTAINS TO PLAYOFF AND REGULAR SEASON GAMES.


2-6       Coaches, or another team delegate, MUST attend at least half of the regularly scheduled PTBA Parent/Coaches meetings and are encouraged to attend all. Meeting dates and times will be posted on the Web Site ( Important information such as schedules, rule changes, etc will be handed out to coaches at these meetings. It will be the responsibility of the coach to obtain the information if he/she does not attend.




3-1       TIP-OFF: There will be a jump ball.


3-2       GAME LENGTH: All games will consist of four (4) six minute quarters with one (1) minute between quarters. The half-time break will be three (3) minutes. The clock will stop with an official’s whistle or a team time-out.


3-3       TIME-OUTS: Each team will be allowed four (4) time-outs per game (2 each half). Time-outs will be sixty (60) seconds in length. Time-outs will result in stoppage of the game clock.


3-4       MANDATORY SUBSTITUTIONS: Mandatory substitutions should occur at the 3:00

mark of each quarter. However, each coach can use his discretion to make substitutions at any point in the game as long as each player receives equal playing time. SUBS will be done on a DEAD ball, never on a Live ball.


3-5       INBOUNDING THE BALL: A five second violation will be enforced.


3-6       THREE POINT SHOTS: Shots made from beyond the 3-point arc will count as three (3) points.


3-7       LANE VIOLATIONS: A three (3) second call will be enforced for offensive players in the lane.


3-8       FOULS: Fouls WILL BE CALLED by the officials during the game. Obvious fouls and other violations will be enforced. A maximum of five (5) fouls will be allowed per player, resulting in a “foul-out” and removal from the game. The one-on-one rule will apply once a team has reached 7 team fouls in a half. If a team reaches 10 team fouls the bonus will apply. There will be 2 foul shots applied per foul in the bonus.


3-9       FAST BREAKS: Fast breaks are permitted.


3-10     DEFENDING FAST BREAKS: Once the offense has made a move indicating a fast break, the defense has the right to defend the fast break in any way desired at any point on the court. If the offense does not attempt a fast break, the defense must retreat to the half court line….there is NO PRESSING IF THERE IS NO FAST BREAK! If, however, the offense does not attempt to fast break at first, but then pushes the ball up into the frontcourt, the defense has the right to steal or pressure the ball.


3-11     GENERAL BASKETBALL RULES: All other normal basketball rules, i.e. fouls, traveling, double dribble, backcourt violations, etc will be enforced.


3-12     PRESSING: Pressing is permitted in the last 2 minutes of each half. NO PRESSING is permitted by a team that has a 10 or greater point advantage in the game. Also, the team with a large point advantage SHOULD use a defense that is less aggressive (2-1-2) and avoid fast breaks.


3-13     PLAYOFF RULES: Normal regular Season rules will apply for all playoff games with the exception of tie breakers. Tie breakers will be treated as follows: for non-championship games: Ties will be broken by playing a maximum of 2 OT periods. The first period will be 3 minute stop clock with 1 sixty (60) TO per team. IF needed, play a second 2 minute OT period with no TO’s. Pressing will be allowed in the last minute of any OT period. If after second OT the game is still tied, Ties will be broken by shooting free throws. The team with the possession arrow at the end of the OT period will shoot first. Each team will select 5 players to shoot 1 free throw each. Best out of 5 wins. IF still tied after 1st round of free throws, each team will shoot 5 additional free throws. Any player that didn’t shoot in the first round must shoot in the second round plus a repeat from the first round player(s) if needed. If still a tie after shooting 10 free throws there is an instant win to the team who makes the first basket. Each player will shoot until a bucket is made. For championship games: Use same procedures as for non-championship games. Exception is continue to play 3 minute OT periods instead of shooting free throws until a winner is determined. All player rotation rules apply in the OT periods.




4-1       NUMBER OF PLAYERS: The number of players on each team will be no less than eight (8), but no more than (10).


4-2       TEAM MAKEUP: Each team should consist of as equal number as possible of 5&6 and 7&8 graders. The maximum number grade level players per team should be dictated by the total number of registrants per grade level divided by the intended number of teams.

Note: Every attempt will be made to secure an EVEN number of teams for gym time scheduling purposes.


4-3       TRAVEL PLAYER: If the Travel Policies and Procedures require or allow Travel Players to play on an in-house team, NO MORE THAN ONE (1) Travel Player will be permitted per in-house team. PTBA Basketball Team participation priorities are as follows.

1. Travel/Tournament Games

2. In-house Games

3. Travel/Tournament Practices

4. In-house Practices

4-4       TEAM SELECTION (THE DRAFT): EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF TALENT must be attempted. (Player clinics to be held during the month of September may aid in this requirement) -- PLEASE SEE THE SECTION MARKED “THE DRAFT” IN THE INHOUSE POLICES & PROCEDURES section (f) under Team Selection.




  1. At Trafford only (not required at Penn), verify the circuit breaker for the scoreboard is “On”. The breaker is in the right most panel board by the locker room entrance. (Note: there is no switch for the scoreboard and the scoreboard will not actually turn on until the following steps are completed).
  2. Plug power supply cord into electrical outlet and back of controller. (At Penn, the outlet directly behind the scorer’s table now works. Although power cord will reach the outlet, it is short so use the extension cord to avoid a tripping hazard)
  3. Turn-on power switch on right side of controller.
  4. Controller will display a welcome message and prompt to enter code. Enter number “134”. This is the number for the basketball overlay and this number is shown on the keyboard overlay. (Note: if after turning on the power switch the controller displays a message about starting where you left off, enter “no” and the display will then prompt for the number code).
  5. The controller will prompt “Do you want to operate wireless? Enter “Yes”.
  6. The controller will then prompt “Scoreboard # 1”. Enter “Yes”
  7. The scoreboard on the wall should turn-on and display all 0’s. (There may be a slight delay. If the scoreboard does not turn on, verify the scoreboard power is “On” and repeat steps 3-7).
  8. To set the time enter “Set”, “Time”, “0600”, “Yes”. (0600 is for 6 minutes).
  9. The display will prompt for period, enter “1” (or “yes” if 1 is already displayed). The controller is now ready to go.
  10. Scores are entered by pressing either ‘Home (or Guest) score” then the number of points scored on the shot (i.e. 1, 2 or 3). The number entered will automatically be added to the previous total.
  11. General Procedures: At the end of each period the time must be re-entered manually per step 8 and the period number entered. You have the options of keeping track of team fouls and time outs. If a mistake is made, you must re-enter the correct total score by pressing “Set”, “Home (or Guest) Score”, enter the correct total and enter “Yes”. If a mistake is made on the time or any other function, use a similar key sequence. If for some reason the controller looses power during a game (accidentally unplugged), when power is restored, the controller will prompt to “Do you want to continue where you let off:” enter “Yes” and the all values will be automatically restored to the scoreboard.